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  • By submitting this complaint, you are considered the complainant. The agent or business you named in your complaint is the respondent.
  • To avoid processing delays, submit all relevant documents with your complaint.
  • Your complaint and supporting information, along with other information collected during RECO’s investigation, will be used to make a decision regarding this complaint. Part or all of your complaint may be provided to the respondent.
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Complainant’s Information


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I agree to cooperate with RECO in its investigation of this complaint. I understand that I may be interviewed and that if this matter proceeds to a hearing, I may be required to appear as a witness.

I understand and acknowledge that RECO will, in its sole discretion, provide the respondent with this complaint form and attachments.

By submitting this complaint, I acknowledge that I am being truthful about the information contained in the complaint.

Who are you making the complaint about?

Name of the REAL ESTATE AGENT or BUSINESS you are complaining about (Provide the name and address of the agent or brokerage you are complaining about.)

Name of the REAL ESTATE AGENT or BUSINESS you are complaining about (If there is a second agent or brokerage you want to complain about, include the information below.)

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Complaint details


State your specific concerns about the respondent’s conduct. This should be done in the order that events occurred, in clear detail and providing dates of events as necessary.

Include any documents that you have in support of your complaint including: your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Listing Agreement, Buyer Representation Agreement, any email or text message correspondence, any photographs, recordings etc.

NOTE: Your complaint will be determined based on the evidence that RECO collects during the investigation. To avoid processing delays, include all relevant documents with your complaint.

Supporting Documents

NOTE: Total size of all the attachments should not exceed 23MB.

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RECO Dispute Resolution (RDR)

RECO may attempt to resolve a complaint by facilitating dialogue between the complainant and the respondent to address issues identified in the complaint.

Through the RDR process, the parties may agree on an appropriate solution. Click on either Yes or No below to indicate whether you are open to seeking a resolution in this matter.

I am open to seeking a resolution through the RDR process?

Resolution through RDR:

Before completing the following section please review the possible outcomes to a complaint available on our website:

Important Notes

What are the rights and obligations of the parties in the complaints process?

RECO strives to make the complaints process fair for all parties.

  • The respondent will be provided an outline of the nature of the complaint or a copy of the complaint;
  • Respondents are obligated to provide a response to the complaint;
  • The parties to a complaint have the right to a timely and unbiased process;
  • The parties have the right to seek third party representation at their own expense;
  • The parties have the right to receive the complaint decision in writing. A copy will also be provided to the broker of record of the brokerage involved in the complaint.

Your complaint and supporting documentation, along with other information collected during the investigation, will be used to make the decision regarding the complaint. You will receive the decision in writing.

What happens after I send in my information to RECO?

RECO staff will contact the complainant, the respondent(s) and other parties as part of its investigation of the complaint.

Are there limitations to what RECO can do under the law?

By law, RECO has limited powers in dealing with a complaint.

  • RECO cannot award compensation or damages to complainants. That means we cannot require the agent or brokerage to pay you money.
  • RECO cannot cancel any contract you have signed. These are civil legal matters that you should discuss with a lawyer.